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Scott Kinnebrew is an independent artist based out of Austin, TX. Less than a year into the toy design game, Kinnebrew has put out dozens of customs already. He’s a busy man making a big splash in the local toy art scene, but he was awesome enough to answer some questions for our Spotlight on an Artist series. Thanks for the time man, you rock!

Tell us about how you first got into customizing toiz?

Well, to be perfectly honest I fought it for a long time. I didn’t really understand the purpose of buying things you can’t play with, but this is coming from the guy that has walls full of packaged figures. I guess the real push happened when my kids got me some Mini Muggs and I started to research which ones were available, and I came across the black and white blanks. My first figure was a Muggs, actually my first 5 were.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

It all comes from the moment. I’m not big on creating preexisting characters. Sure I did the Fett for Bean Pot Toiz, and I did a Tetsuo for the Kid Robot Contest this year, but beyond that it’s all about the moment. I will just hold a blank in my hands and tear them apart and put them back together and all of a sudden it will just happen. This may sound really cheesy, but the figures tell me. So both Boba and Tetsuo fit this as well, because it’s what I saw in a BOMB and a Foomi. Otherwise it’s all tattoo art, custom cars, comics, sci-fi, and really anything that has caused me a “wow” moment finds its way into my work.

What materials do you use?

I’m still trying to figure it out. I’ll be honest, I haven’t even hit the one year mark on customizing figures yet, and with my unwillingness to look like I don’t know what I’m doing, I will try anything and keep what works.

As far as paint goes, base colors are all spray paint. I love Montana because they have so many colors. I’m also big on Valspar, but wish they’d make up their mind on what cap system they are going to stick with. Krylon has some good colors too but there aren’t any nozzle options.

For sculpting I started using nothing but Super Sculpy, now I’m really digging on Magic Sculpt as there is something nice about not having to bake your figures, and the water smoothing makes the sanding process less work. For all my features and details work it’s a crap shoot. I really get some good results out of the craft paints from places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, and at .69-$1.29 a bottle you can’t beat it, but I’ll pick up some Liquitex Soft Body from time to time, and I remember where the extra 7 bucks a bottle goes.

Which platforms do you like best & why? Same for the ones you dislike.

Well, being that no one is sponsoring me yet, I get to answer this honestly. I like the variety that Kid Robot offers, but I seem to have an issue pulling them apart. I have torn out more arm nubs than i can remember. The Qee’s are a lot of fun, because the variety is there and they are built well.

My favorite is probably the 11” Mad*L, there is just something accessible about the flat face. Least favorite, anything over 11”, and I guess I should follow that up with a why - they are just too bloody expensive. It’s the same reason I never got an AT-AT or the G.I.JOE Aircraft Carrier when I was a kid. It’s my Holy Grail. I got to see Kano do one earlier this year at KR LA and they just seem like so much fun.

Of all the customs you’ve made, which is your favorite?

Corporate death. It was one of the pieces I did for the Vinyl Thoughts show in Dallas a couple of months ago. It was my first Mad*L and the skull / power suit was about as political as I’d probably ever get with my designs. I’m not really trying to preach with my toys, I’m just trying to make things that I’m hoping someone will find a place for in their lives that speaks to them, or at least something that makes them laugh or smile every time they see it.

What are your future plans with this toy art thing?

Honestly if you are asking me what I want to happen, I’d like to see something I’ve designed made into a real product, not just a one-of. Sure it would be great to put out something like the Bandito that Jesse Hernandez did, or the Kid Olaf the Beast Brothers did, but I’m a realist. If I just get the chance to create a 3” I’ll be over the moon. I’ve been into toys as far as I can remember back into my childhood and to someday have my own design out on a shelf somewhere…yep, that would be super cool. Until then I’m just going to keep putting out my designs. People seem to dig on what I do, so I’m just going to keep doing it.

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Prints available to purchase
Contact Grego@beanpottoiz.com to order
Prints available to purchase
Contact Grego@beanpottoiz.com to order