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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am from a small town in New Jersey where I grew up working in my family business, which would be considered a classic newsstand. Having a constant passion in art my parents encourage me to seek it out as a career and sent me off to college in Florida. While there my passion for toy design became more focused, and I even had the chance to take special class during the NYC toy convention to learn how to make toys. I am now living in Dallas, Texas I am creating toys and customs under MonsterBot Studio.


When did you first get into customizing toiz?

Back in the day there was a magazine called Wizard where they did a section where people would customize action figures to other comic book characters. I did one of a character called Mr. Hero from Techno Comics (never published, fact: it sucked). That was my first custom toy, but it wasn’t until much later my sister got me a Munny for Christmas that I started up again.


What inspires you to create? Where do you get your ideas? 

I am inspired by old horror/ sci-fi movies. Add a little childhood nostalgia, and that is where I generate a lot of my ideas from. That and junk I find on the ground…really look at some of my customs you will find stuff that normal people would throw away!


What’s the biggest challenge with your projects?

 My biggest and most honest challenge has been finding the time to work on them. I want to do so much of it, but I also don't want to be a shut in. I am constantly trying to figure out how to balance work, life, and MonsterBot Studio.


Favorite platform? What kind of materials do you use?

My favorite platform would be the Qee, for being one of the easiest to work on besides the Munny. As for materials it’s a mix of everything to make the design work.


Outside of your art, what do you like to do for fun?

Outside of art I like to drink coffee. I check out local coffee shops and have a cup, and hang out there. *Note: I am writing this from a coffee shop!


What do you see yourself doing in the future? What’s your next project?

I see myself in the future getting out of the studio and showing at events and conventions more. As for my next project is to finish all old projects! I have seven half done customs that I keep putting aside for other projects.


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Astro Boy!

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Custom Zombified Soopa Coin-Up Bros.

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